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How to request work

Requesting student work is easy. First of all, you as the agency/non-profit need to figure out what type of work you're in need of. You can find all necessary information on the home page.

Once you've decided what type of project will work best for you, use the navigation bars on top to Request a Researcher, Request a Case Study, Request a Capstone or Request a summer contract. Once you're on the page, simply provide the following information in a new post. Remember to provide up-to-date contact information as this is the way students will get a hold of you.

Name of agency or organization:
Contact person name:
Contact person phone #:
Contact person email:
Basic concept of proposed project:
Please also include a brief description of the following information:

  • The problems/issues leading up to the need for this project.
  • Stakeholders involved.
  • Resources available to the student.
  • Basic project scope and size.
  • Desired outcomes (That you are looking for in the output the student creates for you).
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